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Insurance Information:

If your vehcile has been damaged by the recent flooding, we will be glad to help you through the insurance process.  We will also file your GAP claim for you, where applicable.

You can have your insurance company contact Randi or Sandra at (225) 928-7851 or they can be emailed at or 

Our lienholder information is:

   American First Financial Services, Inc.

   135 Croydon Avenue, Suite B

   Baton Rouge, LA  70806

   Phone:  225-928-7851

   Fax: 225-928-7851

If you have collateral protection insurance on your vehicle with us, contact us for information about filing your claim.

Check Fraud Information

We are currently experiencing an issue with fraud on a closed Capital One account.

We are working with law enforcement and cyber crimes to investigate the problem.

Unknown individuals have obtained account information and are creating their own checks.  These checks are in turn being sent to individuals all over the country as payment for goods sold online, vehicle wrapping, apartment or room rentals, etc.

If you suspect you have received one of these checks, you may contact us at 225-928-7851 to confirm.  If your check is written on a Capital One account, it is definitely fraud, as this account is closed.

Please do not wire money to these individuals, because the check you received will be denied by the bank.  Protect yourself and do not give out personal information or goods/services. 

We do not verify checks by text message.  We also will not contact you from a number outside of the 225 area code.  We are a local business and conduct our business in a legitimate and professional manner.

If you have questions or would like to provide further information on this issue, please feel free to email me at or call us at 225-928-7851.

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