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Reviewing your credit for free

Did you know that your credit report is available for free?

Sites like allow you to obtain a copy of all 3 credit bureaus once per year for free.

You can also sign up for sites like Credit

Karma at They allow you to track your credit monthly, from both Equifax and Transunion for free. Experian is not available through their service at this time.

Reviewing your credit regularly is always a good option. It helps prevent fraud and gives you the opportunity to make sure items on your credit are reporting correctly. If you suspect fraud or have any discrepencies in your report, there are helpful instructions on how to handle those situations.

Equifax, the most used credit bureau in the Baton Rouge area, offers a monthly monitoring service, at a cost, with fraud protection at See their member services website for more information.

There are several other sites where you can view your credit bureau, but most require a subscription service in order to review your report and score.

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